Healthy Habits At Work

How many hours per day do you spend working? 8? 9? 10? Imagine if you could improve the quality of your health over those impactful hours of your day! According to the CDC, more than 156 million full-time workers spend one-third of their day at the workplace. Studies have shown there are several simple steps […]

Less Motivation. More Discipline.

We’ve all been barked at for years that being motivated is crucial for success. But is it? Have we ever stopped to consider if motivation is actually leading to accomplishment? Are we more focused on being motivated to do something rather than just doing it? Insert this thought: discipline is exponentially more valuable than motivation. […]

Mid-20s Scaries: Conquering Your Quarter-Life Crisis

Your Mid 20s is a strange time. On one hand, you have friends that are married and expecting their first child. On the other hand, you have friends that hit the town every other night with no plan for tomorrow! But who is to say one way is right? Who says you must conform to […]

Navigating The Job Market

Navigating the job search… Common words might come to mind – stressful, overwhelming, confusing? You aren’t alone if you have used the phrase “looking for a job is like a full-time job right now” We hope this article lends itself as an aide for this process – or at least be able to take away […]

Change Is In The Air

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Switching careers can be scary, exciting, confusing, and rewarding all at the same time. While I went to school for accounting and eventually became a CPA, something always seemed to be missing, even after 5 years in accounting. This is something that a lot of people face: Job Dissatisfaction. But how do you go about […]

Transition Time: Post-Grad Life

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The transition from school to a full-time job can be overwhelming for some people. Others find it a welcome change. No matter what your perspective, entering the workforce full-time is a huge life transition. I graduated from Belmont University and started working at SHR in April 2021; here are some of the lessons I’ve learned […]

New Year, New Me? How to Really Reach Your Goals in 2022

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We’ve all heard it a million times before: “New Year, New Me!,” “This is the year I finally reach my goal!”, “This year’s the one for me!”. But therein lies the issue—we hear it every year. This means there’s a disconnect happening—why is it that we have so much trouble sticking to our goals? And […]

Re-Branding: SHR’s Journey

Almost a year ago, I was a senior in college applying to marketing and creative internships. I was super interested in working at SHR, but looking at the website left me a little bit confused and like I’d re-entered the early 2010’s. Luckily when I went in for my interview, I was able to meet […]

Why Recruiting?

Before I moved into the world of recruiting, I had been in sales for 4 years and thought that was going to be my long-term career. When I thought about it though, my favorite part of the job was building relationships with my customers—not as much the actual selling.  Recruiting was never something I had […]

Interview Tips: What To Do During The Interview

Interview time is here! You’ve done the preparation work—the research, the reviews, and of course you’ve read my previous blog post. Now it’s officially time for the interview! Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of my best tips for you to crush it. 1. Let the Conversation Flow Many people get nervous in interviews. […]