Re-Branding: SHR’s Journey

October 4, 2021

Almost a year ago, I was a senior in college applying to marketing and creative internships. I was super interested in working at SHR, but looking at the website left me a little bit confused and like I’d re-entered the early 2010’s. Luckily when I went in for my interview, I was able to meet the team and see that the company was professional and successful. As a new member of the Marketing Department however, it was clear that  we had to revamp our online presence. Others on the team shared this opinion, and so began our process of re-branding. Read on to hear about how SHR’s re-branding has taken shape!

Step 1: The Re-Branding Realization

Re-branding a company is no small undertaking, and it was not a quick decision to be made. In fact, it took quite a bit of convincing. Early on in 2021, our team had a meeting with Jarrett McCraw of Mighty Advertising to discuss some improvements we could make on our website. Quickly we began to realize that our website was very out of date, and we started to weigh our options. Lucky for us, Jarrett and his team were more than willing to guide us along in the process.

Step 2: Who is SHR?

            We self-reflected as a company and figured out what makes SHR “tick”.  SHR is like a family, and we thrive on providing a personal touch in staffing. Naturally, we wanted this to shine through in our branding. At the same time, we wanted to ensure that potential clients saw the high quality of work that we do and include numbers on the website to back us up. We also knew we needed a new logo—something new and fresh that would represent us well.

Step 3: The Re-Branding Process

And so ensued the process of Jarrett and the Mighty Team working on SHR’s new logo and website. This was an exciting time for the company, and we loved seeing what they came up with for us. To remain consistent with our roots (SHR stands for Sow, Harvest, Reap), we chose three leaves joined together to represent how SHR brings candidates and clients together.

Step 4: The New Website

Next on this re-branding journey was a complete overhaul of our website. Like I mentioned above, our website was outdated and in need of many touchups. Jarrett and his team started anew designing our website for us. He reached out to me to garner some information about SHR, like how many clients we’ve served over the years and how many total placements we’ve made. The first draft of the new website they showed us was a home run; every one of us was so impressed with the work they gave back. After some touch-ups, it was ready to go.

Step 5: The Promo

            Now the new website has launched and it’s our job to promote it! We’ve made several graphics and promo videos and have officially changed all of our social media profile pictures. We’re launching paid ads to attract new clients and candidates and have sent out an email news blast to all of you lovely people. You may even see us driving to work on some billboards! The next big step for our re-branding will be planning an official Launch Party in Fall 2021 for our clients and candidates. Can we count on seeing you there?!


Grace O’Shea is the resident Marketing Associate at SHR Talent. She’s also a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer, and loves incorporating these skills into video/audio editing at work whenever she can. Outside of work, she’s probably writing, hiking, or visiting the farmer’s market.

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