Why Recruiting?

October 1, 2021

Before I moved into the world of recruiting, I had been in sales for 4 years and thought that was going to be my long-term career. When I thought about it though, my favorite part of the job was building relationships with my customers—not as much the actual selling.  Recruiting was never something I had really considered doing, but after a friend convinced me to give it a try, I’ve found it’s the best of both worlds. I get to build relationships with people while still “selling” them in a way to our clients.To me, recruiting is more meaningful than selling a product because I get to help people grow in their careers while building lasting relationships with them.

How Recruiting Has Helped Me.

When I got my past two roles, I worked with a recruiter to find my roles. I truly believe the recruiters I worked with made it possible to break into the sales world. I never fully understood what exactly it took to be a recruiter, but I now have an appreciation for them. Recruiting is not simply a job they were doing, they genuinely wanted me to be successful. I am able to take that experience and apply it in my current role as a recruiter

Why SHR?

The biggest reason I became a recruiter was to help improve other people’s lives by working to serve them and their career. I am not only building relationships with candidates, but I get to see them grow in their lives and careers.

SHR is different than most recruiting firms because we are small and make it personal. We take the time to get to know our candidates so we can fully understand how to help them. Recruiting has been an easy transition for me as I am doing what I love most: helping people.

How We Can Help YOU!

As a recruiter, I try to fully understand what it is that person is looking for in a career and match that with one of our clients. The people I talk to are not just a number to me; I sincerely care about what they are wanting to do and get excited when we have an opportunity that is a good fit for them. When a candidate gets excited about the opportunity, it makes my job that much sweeter. We work with amazing clients and have a solid foundation with them, so when we connect a candidate with them they already have an advantage because of our reputation. As a candidate, utilizing a recruiter can make job searching more efficient and less intimidating.

Becoming a recruiter was one of the best decisions I have made thus far in my career. I have joined an amazing team at SHR Talent and get to meet new people every day. I am building relationships with people and making a genuine impact in their lives. Utilizing a recruiter can make the job search a less daunting and more exciting process. I am excited to continue improving people’s lives through recruiting, as I have been helped by recruiters in the past.

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