Mid-20s Scaries: Conquering Your Quarter-Life Crisis

January 6, 2023

Your Mid 20s is a strange time. On one hand, you have friends that are married and expecting their first child. On the other hand, you have friends that hit the town every other night with no plan for tomorrow!


But who is to say one way is right? Who says you must conform to one tradition?


Live and balance your life how you want. Don’t let others dictate how you should live your life. Here are a few tips on how to do just that:


1. Focus on what makes you happy and stick to it. Whether that be reading, working out, or binge watching a new Netflix series! What makes you happy may not be what makes your friend happy, and that’s OKAY! If you haven’t found what makes your truly happy, here are some ideas:

·  Put on some boots and take a hike

o   Getting out into nature helps break out the monotony of every day life, and activities like this help get your blood flowing and help clear your head!

·  Take up journaling

o   Remove the clutter in your head, and get your thoughts written down! This has been a proven tactic in setting goals & plans for yourself, as well as reminding yourself who you are as a person!

·  Pick up a sport (tennis, basketball, pickle-ball, volleyball, golf, etc)

o   There are plenty of accessible and cheap community centers/parks around your area that serve as a great place to break a sweat and challenge yourself!

·  Get into cooking and/or baking (you will thank your stomach later!)

o   This will save you money in the long run, and is a great way to unwind, use your hands, and create something you can be proud of!

·  Volunteer and/or attend community events

o   Getting involved in the community not only serves people in need, but will give you a great sense of purpose and fulfillment!

·  Join a book club

o   Reading is often over looked with the amount of access we have to TV, Movies, video games, etc. BUT, immersing yourself into a good book will do wonders for mental health, vocabulary, and breaking away from your phone screen.

·  Explore new cities & travel

o   There is a whole world out there with stunning views, cultures, experiences, and cuisine. Even if it’s an hour drive outside your city or town—do it!

·  Try new restaurants/bars in your area

o   I’m a sucker for going to the same restaurants and bars because its what I ‘know’, but breaking away from your normal spots can give you a new experience and may become your new go-to place!

·  Join a gym (maybe even specific workout classes!)

o   There are a BUNCH of different types of gyms now. Try boxing, pilates, Crossfit if you don’t know where to start!


2. Don’t be pressured into what others around you are doing. Everyone has different opinions, goals, ambitions, and ways of thinking! The quicker you realize and embrace this notion, the happier you’ll be! Remember that no human is the same, so why should your goals be?


3. Keep calm and realize you are still in your 20s! For those of you reading this that are already past your 20s—You STILL have time to figure it out! Let everything fall into place how it should. Give yourself rest days if needed but don’t waste your life waiting for “it” to happen. Go out there and live your life with intention, while keeping in mind that it may take some time to accomplish your goals!



4. Ultimately, setting goals for yourself will help you keep on track. I may be preaching to the choir here, but its worth a try! Make a list, start small, and make goals for the week. Try to meet 90% of those goals. Eventually work to monthly then yearly goals. Whether a goal is big or small, it is still important if it’s important to you! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


I have used these tips the past few years and I will say that it really has helped me cope with being in my 20s, and help me answer the question: “What do I want to do with my life?”



Get yourself in the mindset that it’s your life and you can live it how you want! You are your best friend and your worst enemy. Treat & care for yourself, and don’t let your thoughts bog you down. Once you embrace that, you can conquer anything you set your mind to! Get out there and LIVE


Haylie is a 25 year old from the Greater Chicagoland area. Haylie graduated from Ball State University with a Communications degree and came right to Nashville! Haylie has always wanted to live in Nashville due to the music scene and how awesome the community is. She has a four year old beagle lab mix named Bocephus and he is always keeping Haylie on her toes. Haylie is so happy to a part of the SHR Talent team!

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