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SHR specializes in helping high-growth companies recruit professionals that will lead business forward.

The SHR Advantage

Our proprietary internal procedures have helped us produce an exemplary track record of efficiency and success. Companies choose SHR Talent to help them achieve greater success in recruiting and retaining top talent.

Working with SHR

Getting started with SHR is a streamlined process that allows our team to thoroughly understand the DNA of your company and ensure we identify the best fit talent.

Company Culture Download

We immerse ourselves in your culture to determine your needs. That can happen in the form of an on-site visit or an intake zoom call with our team. We review a detailed questionnaire with your team to ensure we build an ideal candidate profile.

Talent Search

Once we know what you are looking for, we search for candidates who fit your exact profile. We fully screen and vet candidates, check references, and run a full drug and background check.

Review Candidates

We present the most suitable candidates, touching on their experience, salary expectations, timeline, and why we like them. We help you select who you would like to move to the interview phase.

Interview Candidates

Interviews can be run in one of 2 ways: for some clients, we bring candidates into their office on a particular day and help manage that interview process. Other clients run their own interviews (either on-site or virtual) and then give us feedback. We manage candidates throughout this process either way, including interview prep and setting reasonable expectations.

Hiring & On-boarding

When you identify the candidate you want to move forward with, we extend offers, help with on-boarding, and continue to follow-up to make sure it continues to be a good fit.

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