Transition Time: Post-Grad Life

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The transition from school to a full-time job can be overwhelming for some people. Others find it a welcome change. No matter what your perspective, entering the workforce full-time is a huge life transition. I graduated from Belmont University and started working at SHR in April 2021; here are some of the lessons I’ve learned […]

New Year, New Me? How to Really Reach Your Goals in 2022

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We’ve all heard it a million times before: “New Year, New Me!,” “This is the year I finally reach my goal!”, “This year’s the one for me!”. But therein lies the issue—we hear it every year. This means there’s a disconnect happening—why is it that we have so much trouble sticking to our goals? And […]

Re-Branding: SHR’s Journey

Almost a year ago, I was a senior in college applying to marketing and creative internships. I was super interested in working at SHR, but looking at the website left me a little bit confused and like I’d re-entered the early 2010’s. Luckily when I went in for my interview, I was able to meet […]