Top Five Tips for Working From Home

Working From Home, Remote Work
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2020 brought many surprises, one of which being a major work-from-home revolution. Some people took to it right away, while others still might need a little more motivation to get into the swing of things from home. Lucky for those of us in the latter group, our resident remote worker Priestley was kind enough to write out her Top 5 Tips for Working From Home! Check them out below. 

Tip #1

Set a timer for tasks. It’s less daunting when you set a timer for 30 minutes at a time rather than huge hour-long blocks. One thing that has helped me achieve this is a timer block; it’s a great Amazon find! I find this product more useful than using my cell phone timer because looking at my phone can quickly become a distraction. Discover your high productivity work periods and utilize them!

Tip #2

Speaking of productivity…this leads me to my next tip. Don’t forget to take BREAKS. It’s easier to do this while working in the office with your coworkers just a few feet away, but working from home we can tend to forget. In order to stay focused and work smarter, you have to step away for a few minutes. I find it helpful to go on a walk during my lunch breaks to get some fresh air! Small breaks throughout the day help reset and refocus your brain, and are great for work-day stamina!

Tip #3

…and maybe the most important tip for work-from-home success is to create a routine first thing in the morning. This will help get your day started on task and focused. Make the bed, get out of your pajamas, and start the day on the right foot. I have a dog, so a part of my morning routine is taking him on a quick loop outside before I start my morning coffee. Find out what routine works best for you and allows you to be the most productive version of yourself!

Tip #4

Communication!! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need from your co-workers. Again, this is easier when working all together in an office. You can share your day to day struggles and troubleshoot together. When you are remote, it’s difficult for anyone to know what your daily needs are, unless you communicate. Maximize the conversations that you are having throughout the day by being open and honest during every conversation you have.

Tip #5

My final tip is to set a designated office space in your house. This will help to set boundaries for yourself and for any housemates you may have. When you are at your workspace, you are working and in the zone. This also helps to separate work life from home life. Leave your work at your desk, don’t allow yourself to get burnt out.

Priestley is a fully remote Recruiting Manager for SHR Talent located in Memphis, TN. She is a graduate of University of Mississippi and loves to cook and take her dog, Milo on long walks in the neighborhood. She specializes in IT Recruiting, but continues to match professionals to jobs in all industries. She can be reached at

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