Print Production Manager


SHR Talent is partnering with a client in its search for an experienced Print Production Manager to complement its book production team. This is a full-time position that consists of a hybrid schedule of onsite & remote work. This opportunity requires travel 2 days a month to either Grand Rapids, MI, or Nashville, TN. The Print Production Manager will ultimately be responsible for schedule control, quality control, cost control, information control, supplier development, and continuous improvement.

Essential Job Functions

Product Management:
• Book Products. Manage from development through the custom process to warehouse or customer delivery, issue PO’s, coordinate appropriate delivery to a warehouse or directly to customer, communicate price changes to Custom Sales team for margin check.
• Work with the Custom Sales team to create an innovative custom product.
• Responsible for managing Trade Gift one, two, and four-color, reprint titles.
• Selecting the best vendor based on cost, schedules, and quality.
• Monitoring timely delivery and updating reports and systems accordingly. Production Reports:
• Maintain production schedule and weekly production meeting for products being managed.
• Monitor work in progress schedules from the printers. Includes communication with Publishers, Editors, Designers, Typesetters, Custom Sales, Trade Sales and Printers. Maintain target schedule.
• Communicate with team and update systems and reports (sales, editorial, production, publishing, inventory) when product is delayed or has the potential to be delayed.
• Maintain Reprint Tracker Excel spreadsheet. Daily Responsibilities:
• Timely delivery of quotes, APL’s and purchase orders. Track, monitor, and report work in process for Trade Gift reprint titles and Custom Book titles, as assigned.
• Troubleshoot issues that arise pertaining to the print production or delivery of product.
• Seek creative solutions to resolve problems.
• Seek creative solutions for process improvement within the Custom Sales team, production team, editorial, and design team. Assist other team members as needed. Supplier Development:
• Maintain good and trustworthy relationships with printers and material vendors.
• Keep manufacturing knowledge up to date so the best manufacturer is selected basing decisions on cost, quality, and turn time.
• Keep knowledge up to date so the best materials are selected.
• Always seek to find new and innovative materials and manufacturing processes to help the team produce innovative, quality products efficiently.
• Share knowledge and ideas to encourage internal learning and growth within the team.


• 5 years of experience, with experience in book production/publishing experience required
• College degree or equivalent experience required
• Highly proficient in fundamental concepts, practices, and procedures of the book publishing and manufacturing industry.
• Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks.
• Strong management skills with people, projects, and time. Deadline driven
• Advanced computer skills, especially with MS Excel. Also having the ability to learn new systems quickly.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
• Mathematical aptitude with shrewd negotiation skills
• A resourceful problem solver

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