Growing Your Network: Connection Is Key

May 5, 2021

In last month’s blog post we talked about Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile if you are on the job search. This month we want to talk about a few simple steps to grow your network and engage with others. From here you want to connect, connect, connect!! Keep in mind that while connection is important, it has to be genuine; I don’t recommend sending tons of unwanted messages out to strangers.  I’ll give you a few secrets to my connection approach here in this blog!

1. Be Accessible

Make your profile public and don’t require email verification to connect with you—that could come across as stingy to your local network.

2. Target

Think about a specific company you have always wanted to work with: Do they have an open role you are interested in? If so, see who could make a warm intro, or ask someone in your network for 10 minutes of their time to hear about their experience there.

3. Connect

I typically approach adding connections with one of the two lines below… The first is general, while the second is more pointed and requires some research into their background or current company’s most recent news.

a. “Hi Jeff – It would be great to join your network here on LinkedIn”

b. “Hi Jeff, congratulations on XYZ’s recent announcement that they are going to an IPO! I look forward to joining your network here on LinkedIn and would love the chance to grab lunch or a drink once the push to your IPO concludes!”

4. Engage

Just like you comment on your friends Facebook or Instagram posts, comment and engage with people on LinkedIn! Create conversations and be willing to get out of your comfort zone to build relationships.

5. Be Genuine

If there is one thing people are sick of in 2021, it’s disingenuous people!  Be genuine: use these tips to create value for other people, too! Good relationships are all about giving back, so always offer to be a connector or a resource if another person is in need.

In conclusion, connection on LinkedIn all comes down to interaction. I hope these notes have helped you refine your LinkedIn connection approach! If you are interested in learning more or connecting directly, please reach out!


Travis Guerra is a Recruiting Manager and Business Development Manager here at SHR Talent. He graduated from Lipscomb University and went on to work in Finance before joining the SHR team as a recruiter in 2019. Outside of work, he’s an avid outdoorsman and triathlete, and enjoys coffee, kombucha, and adventuring to US National Parks.

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